Christopher Johansson

Welcome to my "one project a month" project

My rules for myself are simple:

Create something each month. Share it on this site. The creation can be co-created by other people but that should be acknowledged.

You are welcome to have a look at the projects. If you have any feedback or comments, contact me.

New rules for 2018

In order to push myslef outside of my comfortzone I have decided to add a few more restraints to this years challenge. Below is a list of subjects, themes or areas, I haven't really settled on a good word for it. But the main point is that I need to cross them all of my list during the year.

As soon as I've included one of them in a project this year I'll strike them out. That does not stop me from doing more then one on that theme this year.

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Game design
  • Writing
  • Videocreation
  • Automation