April 2017

Slide and tag

The core idea for this game was created together with a few others at a Game Jam in February. Unfortunately we didn't get to where we wanted due to some trouble with game controls. I built this minigame on the same core idea of "selective knowledge to make your decision".

Check out the game by clicking the image.

Know issues: Left player controller not working when exported to web build, will try to fix this...

The basics of this game is simple:

  1. Get the tag in the middle of the map.
  2. Score points when you have the tag.
  3. The other player will need to find you and take the tag from you.
  4. As long as you have the tag you score points. The first player to get 5000 points wins
  5. Because the walls are high, you need to find your way through the maze by looking at it from above. But, you can not move your player when you look. You also send out a signal when you are looking. This will allow the other player to get a clue of where you are.

Movement controls

Movement Player 1 Player 2
Forward w up
Back s down
Look left a left arrow
Look right d right arrow
Access map e / or -