September 2017

Walk cycle animation

I wanted to get my head around animations, previously I've only used someone else's sprites or animations and used them in my projects. For this project I spent a few hours playing around with some tutorials and Gimp. Not the prettiest result but I now understand the basics. Will be interesting to see how I can expand this in to later projects

I followed this tutorial Flash Frame-By-Frame Animation: 8-Frame Basic Walk Cycle it didn't really apply to what I had to work with but it gave me enough guidance to go through 3 iterations and make some progress.

As a reference I used this image

Preston Blair Walk Cycle.

First try

Just trying to get the basics down. Choppy moves and a lot of trash flying around.

Second try

Adjusting some of the movement, first building the leg movement and then I added the arms after. Still some weird shit going on with the legs.

Third try

Added more of a body and also tried adjusting the movement of the body

Final version

Some minor fixes from v3, especially with the legs.

In short, this is defiantly not a piece of art, I did however get the basics of how to work on a walk cycle and it was nice to try something that forced me to use Gimp.