December 2017

Arcade I

My friend Pär and I decided to build an Arcade.

Simple, right? Well. We are finding out as we go.

We decided to do this project in several steps. And step one is to build the actual case. We will then implemnet controlls and port a game in to the arcade.


We found out that some guys had put one of the old projects on this site Super Skelly Belly on an arcade machine somewhere in a bar in the US. I got an email from the guys who where behind at and that inspired me to do the same. My friend Pär decided he wanted to join in on the fun.

So in the days after Christmas we did some where accurate (see picture below) measurement work when we went down to a local arcade one day. And based on these estimates and a 3D model of an arcade we calculated how much materiels we would need.

The next logical step was the hardware store and the lumber yard. Because we actually hade made some good blueprints we had the guys at the yard do most of the heaving cutting and we went back home with a bunch of weirdly sized pieces of MDF.

Measure twice - cut once - glue and fix till it fits.

The first step of assembly was to just make sure we had all the pieces and that they fit. For the most part it was a simple process. We only ran in to one problem where one of the pieces was not cut to measure so we had to resort to do that ourselves.

We then proceed to just match the pieces, assembling the box while on it’s side. There was a lot of measuring and some gut feeling going in to it. But in the end it actually didn’t require as much convincing and glue to look almost symmetrical. Some plaster to hide the last bits of extra drilling holes etc. and the Arcade was ready almost ready.

Putting the pieces together

We had ordered a joystick and wires, the idea is to run this on a raspberry pi, from China. But the very long shipping times resulted in them not arriving in time. That’s why we decided to narrow the scope of this project to just building the frame.

Once the frame was plastered and fixed, we painted it black. We attached a screen to the console and attached the raspberry pi to it swell. The raspberry pi runs an android OS currently but it’s not able to run the actual game yet. Since we don’t have the controller installed either yet that’s no big deal.

I plan to return to this project as soon as I have the hardware I need.