February 2018

Towers of the twin warlocks 2

Getting a feel for the game

This month has been spent on playtesting the game Niklas and I made in January. We want to continue this project and see where this will end up. Hopefully on the tables of many happy waring warlocks in the future.

After the initial design of the game I played a bunch of games just for fun with some friends. The idea was to just get enough games under my belt so that it started to get a feel for the game.

What do we need to know?

We already new the game was fun to play for a few times and that it was relatively well balanced. What I needed to find out was:

  • Is there any over powered cards or tactics?
  • Is there any unbalanced cards, or rather, is there any cards that are balanced in a way not intended by us. The way we have designed the game, some cards are useless at certain stages in the game, that does not mean they are useless all the time.
  • Does the economy work?
  • Is the names for cards, tiles, floor etc good?
  • Is the gameplay length good?
  • Does the flow of the game work?
  • Can a player understand the action card descriptions?
  • Can a player read the rules and then play the game?

Playing games and taking notes

I then attended several boardgame events and brought the game. During the first ones I explained the rules myself, I found that I got better and better at explaining the rules. I then got two players to play each other and sat down taking notes. Sometimes I would jump in and explain something or answer a question about the rules. During these first few play tests I just wrote down some comments on a notepad and did not change anything in the game. I made sure to bring the game to several events and not change the rules. I kept taking notes.

After having introduced the game to approximately 15+ people I hade enough notes to start thinking about changes. The biggest take away was still that people seemed to like it. There where even some people who wanted me to bring the game back for another round. All of this answered the big questions: Is it fun?

After sorting through the notes I made some minor changes to text descriptions on the cards and in the rules. I wrote down some ideas for new cards and for additional game mechanics.

Tweaking things and making changes

Niklas and I sat down and went through the notes together and talked about some of the additional mechanics - we tried a few of them out in some test games, but we decided that the core of the game is solid as is. We will not add more mechanics to the core game but we have some interesting ideas for one or two expansions.

The last part of the testing we did at a local game convention hosted by a friend of ours. We brought the game with updated rules and cards and gave very quick instructions to the first pair of players. They manage to play the game themselves and after that the second pair of players managed to play the game only using the rulebook. We rounded this session of with a few more games and collected some ideas to adjust the game tempo a little and rename a few components.

All in all we now have close to 25 individuals that have tested the game. We have answer to all of the questions above and we fell pretty good about the core game. The next step is to make a more durable prototype and look in to naming and branding.

If you are interested in keeping up with the updates stay tuned here, follow me on twitter or sign up on this mailinglist, no spamming! I want to finish this post of with a big thank you to everyone who has helped us by playtesing so far!