August 2018

The boyz are back in town

It’s been a while.

I originally planned for this to be a quick project for March 2018, unfortunately other things took more time in my life and I ended up not completing any projects for a while. But the idea behind this thing is not to add more stress to my life, it is to motivate me to start and finish things.

This is in no way a big project but it was fun to go back to the hobby that took up so much of my time during parts of my childhood.

The miniatures are from Shadespire a game released by Games Workshop as a mini-game in the same setting as the newer Warhammer Fantasy games, if I understand things correctly.

I was an ork player when I was young. I had a few thousand points of Ork Boyz that I had painted over the years. Going back to that, sitting with a bent back over a desk late at night mixing different greens and metal colours was fun. I’ve played a few games with this warband, not enough to say anything more then that I like the game. Pretty easy to learn rules and each game take something like 20-30 minutes. Hopefully I’ll roll better die now that they are all painted.

Also a shout out to Niklas who introduced me to the game and for letting me win a few times. His miniatures and other cool art can be found on his Instagram: Niklas Wistedt