January 2019

Arcade II - the shoebox

I decided to try to pick up some speed on the Arcade-project that I haven't touched in a year. What I wanted to do was simply to get any kind of progress. I pulled out the joystick-kit that I had ordered over a year ago from some site, I can't remember which one, it's a standard joystick board with 10 buttons and one stick. From what I've seen searching for it there are many resellers of this kit. Everything is easy to just plug in, no soldering or special equipment needed.

In order to try it out, I decided to just grab some stuff I had at home and start building. I took an old shoebox and a pair of scissors and went at it cutting holes. The only thing I had to do was to tie the joystick to the lid using some leftover string from a Christmas gift.

In order to try the joystick, I burned a RetroPie image on an old Raspberry Pi 1 that I had laying around. As soon as it booted up it recognized the controller and it was easy to configure.

Working prototype

The shoe box controller connected to the RPI, connected to the TV.

Close-up inside the shoebox

The buttons and joystick connected to the USB joystick board.